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2016-04-20 15:43:33 by Cronizone

Losers, don't you know how to round down a fraction?

It's 1/5, not 4/20th's...


I love writing and all of that, but I just feel useless sometimes. I know that Writing in-and-out of itself is one of THEE most important jobs within every animations (animation being first as it visualizes the story) but I don't know... I just feel useless as a writer.

So I bought myself a Blue Yeti and am going to try to train myself in the ways of being a VA, and hopefully... get something out of it.

I need a better quality Microphone for YouTube anyways, so it'll have it's uses.

Anyways, thank's for reading stupid shit that you probably don't care about.

Just leave me alone... B-Baka!

If I Can't Have You

2016-04-03 20:31:16 by Cronizone

Listen to this song for me, please.

Great to be a Trump Supporter.

2016-04-01 17:14:19 by Cronizone

Just listening to this, sitting outdoors...


Contemplating a rebellion against the government.

Who cares about me, right?

2016-03-22 17:24:44 by Cronizone

Click-bait title worked! YES! -High Fives You through Screen-

Anyways, I have a project being worked on by ColeBobAnimations called "In The Zone" a multi-episode series featuring the antics of two housemates who... do some pretty fucking dumb shit.

As far as other shit... nope; But, hey! I'm up for hire. And I do stuff for free, too.


Anyways, thanks. Or, whatever. Fuck off.5124740_145868187311_dwAdaw.png

New PC, new ideas, new stories.


I'm back in the writing biz!

Huge Update? Kind of...

2015-07-13 15:15:34 by Cronizone

Hey, Newgrounds. I lied.

I said i'd try to be on here as much as I could to help out the community, but I am not saying sorry for it. I've tried to be more active in other events.

For starters I helped produce a new clan called SyNiC4L. (Yes, we play Call of Duty...) We play a majority of games to play competitively. As far as that has gone, we've gotten two sponsors (small) and we're trying to get better at what we do.

As far as i'm concerned w/ cartoons, I may try to be more active on that. My main book, "The Land of Gregory" is also in the works, a lot. I'm trying to finish that more than focusing on a cartoon.

However, I do want to help Newgrounds. And that's why I will try to get content up soon enough.

Internet E-Quality

2015-04-21 13:37:44 by Cronizone

No matter what you do, someones better than you.

No matter what you say, someone else thinks a different way.

No matter how much you try, it's not as good as the other guy.

Equality on the internet is like a joke-book, it's old to think we're the same.


Because there's a lot of people out there who try and act as if they're higher-up.

Keep that attitude.

Smoke Weed Erreday

2015-04-20 11:52:32 by Cronizone

A new cartoon is in the works with StealthyNine, TrinaTan, VhatDeHel & StealthSketch.

This cartoon is basically a huge thing from a long time ago you may pick up on but the whole thing will be saved for when the video comes out.

It's called "Dumb Broad" and I hope you'll enjoy it like you might of enjoyed "A Terrorist Infomercial".

Thanks babes!