New Animations and Future

2014-08-17 19:13:21 by Cronizone

Hello, guys who don't read my news posts. It's me Cronizone, coming at you live on Newgrounds.

If I didn't sound like a faggot already, let me explain the future!

Hail Santa (If you didn't already know by now) is my little group w/ J.T (TheGhostofMarz) that is going to be producing a lot of comedy shit and short little animations that I and J.T. write, and we also voice act in. As of right now we're in production of "Your... Solid Snake" you'll get the title when it comes out.

As of right now there's no confirmation of the release date, but we do have the audio finished and it's featuring TrinaTan! Be sure to check her out at and also check out

Follow them (And also me) to check out on other shit... and also, Hail Santa has a redbubble! (To buy or shirts we have avaliable, more are on the way)

And here's a sneak-peak of fucking your solid snake or whatever.

Who cares.5124740_140831719292_n.jpg


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2014-08-19 15:56:23

A Metal Gear parody! How original!

Cronizone responds:

It may not be original but when it comes out you can decide whether it's funny or not. It's our first animation, as well. I didn't really go out to find something original and upload it first (Whether that sounds good or bad) just to get something out there that's relevant.

I'm sorry my original tastes don't please you. </3 But after this, expect other things that are.


2014-08-19 16:11:46

You should do a Conekr's Bad Fur Day parody. I don't think I've seen one here before. Ever played that game? There's a giant pile of poo in it and everything. And the poo sings. Singing poo... isn't that insane?

Cronizone responds:

Or you could and I wouldn't have to post stupid "shit" on my account. <3

Get it? Shit?


2014-08-19 17:35:39

ok, your artwork is good my fine sir, but a metal gear movie?
its not the most original or new of ideas in flash.... you gotta admit.

you should maybe create something new... maybe a borderlands v-game parody, or a far cry parody.
just suggesting some helpful ideas in here.

you got the artwork, but you need more fresh script/scenario ideas...

Cronizone responds:

Oh, this isn't my artwork. Credits go to TheGhostofMarz for this. Solid Snake isn't really original, as stated below. I could make a Far Cry Parody, however Borderlands might be tricky. The game itself is a parody. However, thank-you for your interest.


2014-08-19 18:58:40

np, its ok...

you've got the heart, but you need to spread your wings to new parodies, to more original stuff, than metal gear, i am at a point where i can list you 100+ metal gear jokes, and i will be still at the top of the iceberg of already done jokes....

try team fortress, far cry, borderlands, and... uhhh...what other game do you like?
serach for inspiration there.
or do a new story whatsoever!

i wish you good luck guys

Cronizone responds:

Thank-you, i'm trying to produce these videos with length and humor instead of making short 1 minute ones, the same with Ghost. However, as stated, thank-you for sharing your interest!